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Plantation shutters can be customised to suit your needs.

  • Custom painted colours (dulux).
  • Custom stains.
  • Opening options (bifold, hinged, sliding, fixed).
  • Material (PVC, timber, aluminium).
  • Inside or outside.
  • Blade sizes (47, 63, 89, 114).
  • Blade shape (flat, elliptical).
  • Completely concealed tilt rods or clear view tilt rods.
  • Frame options from standard to completely custom designed.
  • Special shaped.
  • The options are endless.
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At Western Sydney Shutters we know that it is no secret, Plantation shutters are the benchmark to home décor, it’s something we all aspire to have.

There is nothing warmer or more elegant than a custom window treatment. Plantation Shutters enhance the lasting architectural quality of windows thus by adding them, you can actually increase the value of your home. They are also a smart choice for light control, energy efficiency and noise insulation.

Since our blades operate by the tiltbar, not cords, Wooden Plantation Shutters are also extra safe for homes with small children. There is a plethora of material, styles and colours to suit everyone.

Don’t settle for just the basic, we have worked for years to bring you this collection window art that is second to none.

Plantation shutters are excellently crafted, making them a great window solution for your home! With their louvers, you’ll make your window look clean, stylish, and up to date. Plantation shutters aren’t just beautiful; they are also long-lasting and designed to decrease energy costs.

Shutters can enhance your home’s interior and create a mood, but adding shutters can also provide additional benefits. As well as being incredibly adaptable, plantation shutters are also incredibly durable. Cleaning shutters is as simple as wiping them with a damp cloth and then drying them immediately. Plantation shutters can also reduce energy bills, keep your home warmer, and boost their value when it’s time to sell.

Elevate your dwelling with exquisite plantation shutters

Our plantation shutters provide the ideal combination of beautiful style and soothing shade. They are not only available in a variety of shapes and colors, but they can also be entirely customized to complement the aesthetic of your house. They give the utmost in light management, enabling natural light in while maintaining the needed amount of security, thanks to their superior thermal resistance. Whether you desire a romantic atmosphere or brilliant sunlight, designing your own house has never been easier. Our plantation shutters have the following features:

  • Long-lasting reliability
  • Adaptable to any home, any window, any shape
  • Enhanced energy efficiency means lower utility expenses


Plantation shutters complement your windows seamlessly, which means you don’t have to worry about inconvenient blinds. Furthermore, plantation shutters are extremely stylish and long-lasting. Western Sydney Shutters specializes in bespoke plantation shutters that are designed to complement your taste. Custom-built to fit any window shape or size, our plantation shutters offer total control over light, temperature, noise, and privacy.

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Western Sydney Shutters offers a large selection of Plantation Shutters including Basswood which is amongst the straightest of hardwoods globally and is ideal for producing shutters. Basswood Plantation Shutters are very strong, lightweight and at WSS we offer a wide range of frames to suit your interior designs and styles.

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Western Sydney Shutters offers a large selection of Plantation Shutters including Aluminium shutters which offer the ultimate in style and efficiency. Our Aluminium plantation shutters are elegant, sophisticated, provide security all while enhancing any indoor or outdoor living space.

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Western Sydney Shutters offers a large selection of Plantation Shutters including our extremely durable Polymer range, which comes with a 30 Year Warranty. Aluminum cores with UV inhibitors will not absorb moisture, delaminate, split, crack and are excellent for kitchens, bathrooms and are impervious to damp all while easy to clean.

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Western Sydney Shutters offers a large selection of Plantation Shutters including Cedar Plantation Shutters which are light weight, rich in texture and will transform your home with style and elegance. Cedar Plantation Shutters have excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

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Western Sydney Shutters offers a large selection of Plantation Shutters including Australian Paulownia timber shutters, which is descended from native Asia and is now an Australian Plantation timber, grown in four states. Paulownia is light weight, pale blonde timber with it’s own character grain, but approximately the same strength as Cedar.


We offer a huge 30-year warranty on our PVC shutters, with peace of mind like this why choose anyone else?

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