Polymer Plantation Shutters

Western Sydney Shutters offers there PVC or (polymer) shutters. This product comes with a huge 30-year warranty. Being completely waterproof it makes PVC shutters perfect for wet areas.

PVC shutters are also perfect for fitting out the whole home with. They are certified EU reach, which is European standard nontoxic, they are painted in a polyurethane finish which makes then extremely unlikely to fade or yellow. Pvc shutters are also a cost-effective option as they are cheaper than timber shutters.

Our PVC shutters can span to a distance of 900mm! this makes them perfect for fitting out almost all window and even some door options.

Our PVC shutters are definitely aluminium extruded. Whilst some competitors only extrude their blades, our stiles, rails and even T posts are extruded.

This makes our PVC shutters extremely durable and built to last you a full 30 years!

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