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The Western Sydney

Shutters Difference

Western Sydney Shutters is all about custom-made products. The company mostly works for
other professionals, in particular architects through our previous work in timber joinery. These
architects would always opt for variety when it comes to rails, frames, styles, and other
shutter elements. The company has worked with many other people and groups as well.

Penrith's leading blinds and shutters
Western Sydney Shutters

As long as the clients can provide specific instructions and details about their preferences, they can count on Western Sydney Shutters to achieve desired results. The profile of the shutters to the frame to other components, everything is considered thoroughly to ensure the clients are pleased.

The company takes pride in all the work we have completed. Our happy clients are a testament to our accomplishments. We are not like your average business. You know what you are getting with Western Sydney Shutters. Everything is on paper where you can see how the finished product will look. If there are any changes that you want, you can request for them before we carry out the work.

Once the drawings for the shutters are completed, they will be sent back to the management. The clients can then approve or reject the plan. If it is the latter, we can make revisions to the original plan to ensure it meets their expectations and wishes. Everything is guaranteed to be done properly and professionally. Communication is key in every business and it is one of the things that Western Sydney Shutters values.


Production Process

We source most of the materials from China. However, we also get some of the raw materials from Canada and Australia among others. It would typically depend on the time of the year or the season when the wood will be harvested. Timber is getting harder to source, which is why we do our best to take part in being responsible throughout the whole procedure.

There is always an Australian influence in the way we carry out the production process. After all, our clients are mostly Australians and Western Sydney Shutters is an Australian owned and operated company.

Other firms, specifically the bigger ones, have many staff members and numerous processes to go through. Unlike them, Western Sydney Shutters chooses to do things in a more simplified way. We make sure that we oversee everything from start to finish. Also, other companies would focus on their sales goals that they should reach in a year.

Our company, on the other hand, targets the satisfaction of the customers and not the number of clients. We also have just one connection, which is where we obtain the materials we use.



We believe that Western Sydney Shutters is a name synonymous with “high-quality products.”
We have a rigorous and strict quality assurance process. This way, we can guarantee to
all our clients that they will only get the best shutters and other products from us.
We take pride in having a separate and specialised team for quality control.

Penrith's leading blinds and shutters
Western Sydney Shutters

Our team is made up of people who work extremely hard to ensure that all products are flawless and of the highest quality. All finished products are inspected thoroughly before they leave our showroom.
A common issue with competitor’s shutters is less then ideal paintwork and paint quality. If you were to see any imperfections with our paintwork it is replaced, no questions asked.

You can count on the quality of our products. Our lifetime guarantee on workmanship gives you the peace of mind that any product you buy from us and have us install for you will last for a long time. We now offer an incredible 10 year warranty on our timber plantation shutters!

technologies and

Advancements in Production

The factory that we have now uses Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines. It means
that everything is automated to avoid human errors as much as possible. CNC machining
has provided many benefits for our manufacturing process, including:

  • Precision: We have a digital template for the machine to follow, which eliminates human errors.
  • Endurance: The machines can work around the clock every day and even on weekends. They allow us to take on bulk orders.
  • High Production: Once we have completed the design parameters, along with the specifications of the products to achieve, we can enter them into the CNC machine. It will execute the given directions consistently and accurately.
  • Better Capability: The machine we use produce outputs that manual machines can never replicate.
  • Less Labour: Using the machines does not require more personnel to complete the production tasks.
  • Uniformity: The outputs are the same throughout the process. It is not a secret that even the most talented engineers who use conventional machines will still produce components with a little bit of variety.


When we get a call or an email from you, we make sure that you feel at ease in working with us.
We usually reply to emails within 24 hours. If it is urgent, you can state it in the email subject
and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Why Shop With Western Sydney Shutters?
Western Sydney Shutters

We understand the frustation when purchasing online and not getting the service or quality of products you’re seeking.
That’s why our number one focus is 100% customer satisfaction. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply call 1300 438 977 and we’ll do everything we can to rectify the issue.
That’s our promise to each and every one of our customers.


A Quote

Please note that we do not give quotes onsite. We will follow-up on the plan and design. Then, we will give you a call after a day or so. You will receive all the pertinent details about the upcoming project. You can either approve or reject our offer. We do not impose anything on our clients, even those who do not want to carry on with the project with us.

Of course, you can find other companies that offer a faster turnaround time. Some would proudly talk about how they can give you your shutters within two weeks. However, you can never be sure of the quality, considering how rigorous the production process is. You do not want to receive poor products for the sake of quick turnaround times.

At Western Sydney Shutters, you may have to wait for more than a month, but we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. When they arrive at your doorstep, you can be certain that they are well-made and superior in quality. No other company can give you that guarantee.

When it is time to install the blinders, shutters, or screen doors, we make sure to do it at a time that is most convenient for you. Products are checked and rechecked before installation, as well as the space where they will be placed. In the end, we know you will be content with our products and the quick installation process.

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